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Careers Education and Post 16

Careers Education 2024

The intent of our Careers Programme is to provide pupils and their families with the information and opportunities available to raise their awareness, knowledge & understanding of post school opportunities and their pathways to get there.

From an early age we seek and acknowledge pupils interests and aspirations implementing these into the school day and recognising how this process impacts upon pupil engagement and developing a sense of curiosity, awe and wonder.

We additionally acknowledge that a young person’s aspirations and career ideas are the beginnings of their pathway to further learning and work.

Through the information received we will help them to make informed decisions about their future, which helps them raise their aspirations and ambitions for life. We recognise our young people can play an active and positive role in society and make an active contribution to it (which may include the work place) and therefore need to prepare them well.

Our careers offer is closely aligned to our Work-Related Learning offer and subsequent curriculum content. Such aspects are a fundamental component of the EHCP Annual Review process where ‘next steps’, career pathways and outcomes are identified as pupils begin to approach adulthood (from Year 9 onward).

Pencalenick School works with our other providers within the Special Partnership Trust. We also work in partnership with schools across Cornwall as part of the Careers Hub (Careers Advice in Cornwall with Careers Hub CIOS) working closely with the Careers and Enterprise Company The Careers & Enterprise Company | The Careers and Enterprise Company.