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Information for Parents and Carers

Our school’s Careers development consists of a range of activities that help pupils make choices that are right for them and will help them manage their future careers. 

Throughout the whole of their school life, children will be exposed to a curriculum which develops their skills and in particular skills which enable independence, working with others and making a positive contribution to society in whichever way they can achieve this. A more formal focus on careers and the future is initiated in Key Stage 3 (Year 7) where pupils and their families are encouraged to attend events which begin to identify their strengths and areas of interest (aspirations).

As previously stated, pupils Annual Review meetings will help all pupils and their families to review their achievements and begin to plan for their future via the ‘My Views’ documentation provided by the Local Authority. All such documentation will be discussed with parents at the review to begin the process of making decisions which will be required as our pupils begin to prepare for life beyond our schools.

As a school we want to make sure that pupils, parent and family voice is also considered when we think about the future and planning for it. We approach the different priorities for young people by looking at two ways of thinking about a career/job/or the future;

*Future me – Our school will acknowledge the fundamental needs of the pupils who will not be able to fully participate in determining or ultimately deciding their future; careers education & access to it will need to remain highly personalised ensuring outcomes & post school career decisions made will always act in the pupils ‘best interests’

*Independent me – The school will fully acknowledge the active contribution pupils are able to make in finding out about their post school options and subsequent choices relating to it.

Pupils will develop and use their knowledge of such options whilst linking these to their personal skills and qualities. They will explore the ways they may need to progress and develop further. We want pupils to recognise and use the opportunities provided to increase their personal autonomy in some decision making.

All aspects of careers work will continue to be informed via their aspirations and interests, programmes of study and the qualifications required to help them work towards their career goal. 

Further information to help explain the process can be seen below.