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Information for Employers

The statutory guidance surrounding Careers Education has been produced with a greater emphasis on employer encounters, engagement and benchmarks for Careers Guidance known as the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Through our planned careers guidance delivered from an early age, we acknowledge & develop pupil’s skills of inquiry promoting their engagement, interests & aspirations leading to a more formal access to impartial careers advice as the move through the school.

Our WRL curriculum links with careers planning, affording all pupils the opportunity to make work place visits to help raise/ inform interests, aspirations & engagement in the work place which identify ways our pupils can make an active contribution in the future.

All pupils & their families are encouraged to attend training provider workshops and meetings (SPT Access to training providers policy) which begin to align pupils strengths and areas of interest.

All pupils are encouraged to develop a CV or Vocational Profile from Yr9 which details their future aspirations, interests, educational endeavours and qualifications towards these where appropriate; these will be fully considered within the Annual Review process helping pupils and their families review their achievements and continue to plan for their future.

Enterprise Advisor Network and Careers Hub:

Each of our schools is a member of the Enterprise Adviser Network and benefits from the support of Enterprise Advisers; working collaboratively with the school they aim to provide strategic and delivery support to the Careers Coordinator and the Senior Leadership Team of each of our schools.

Part of their roles and responsibilities will be to link education and business; through planned meetings over the academic year each school will determine actions to develop this aim, it will be the responsibility of the careers coordinator to ensure relevance of such plans and identify impact of them to secure success. 

We are also a member of the Careers Hub in the local area and work collaboratively with schools and advisers to strengthen the opportunities for work place visits, employer encounters and labour market information sharing. 

Careers Advice in Cornwall with Careers Hub CIOS

The Careers & Enterprise Company | The Careers and Enterprise Company


How can I get involved at Pencalenick School?

As a local employer, we would love to hear from you! Any offers for visits, talks within school, work experience and volunteering opportunities for our pupils are always welcomed!