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Information for Teachers and Professionals

Our mission is to provide pupils with meaningful opportunities to enable them to explore, engage and learn from the world of work. We aim to widen their knowledge and understanding of this throughout their school life.

The intent of our Careers Programme is to provide pupils and their families with the information and opportunities available to raise their awareness, knowledge and understanding of post school opportunities and their pathways to get there.

Our careers offer is closely aligned to our Work-Related Learning offer and subsequent curriculum content.

As a school, we have committed to developing the skills base of each young person to enable them to be as prepared as they can be to move on from school successfully, and onto their next stage which prepares them well to make a positive contribution to the community they live within. 

For young people in our school we recognise this as being through one of the following routes.

*Future me – Our school will acknowledge the fundamental needs of the pupils who will not be able to fully participate in determining or ultimately deciding their future; careers education & access to it will need to remain highly personalised ensuring outcomes & post school career decisions made will always act in the pupils ‘best interests’

*Independent me – Our school will fully acknowledge the active contribution pupils are able to make in finding out about their post school options and subsequent choices relating to it. Pupils will develop and use their knowledge and understanding of such options referencing these to their personal skills and qualities. They will explore the ways they may need to progress and develop further. This aspect recognises the opportunities provided for pupils to increase their personal autonomy in some decisions made. All aspects of careers work will continue to be informed via their aspirations and interests identifying programmes of study, the qualifications required to help them work towards achieving their career goal. 

How can I get involved?

As a teacher/professional working in school you can help by....

Highlighting the careers in your subject areas and all lessons you teach

Link jobs and careers to the curriculum

Build work related learning and jobs skills developments into your class routines